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Prayer – need positive answers to

Soldiers in all wars have repeatedly written to parents/wives/friends asking for mail.  The letters sustained them.  Sharpened awareness of their purpose in being far away.  Maintained a nexus with all they knew before the war.  Which they held firmly in mind and heart.  It didn’t matter that the letters wouldn’t reach them for weeks at a time.  Or that those mailed later came before those mailed earlier.  Mail constituted a link with the past to which they longed to return in the future.  The Homefront, 198.

Positively-answered prayer, like letters from home, creates comfort, security and hope in the believer.  It reminds us whose we are.  It reinforces our discipleship.  It keeps us immovable in commitment.  In addition, and equally important, once we know by experience that God can answer prayer because he HAS, we’ll maintain faith in him when he WON’T.  We’ll know that we can trust his infinite wisdom even when he doesn’t recognize our immediate need.