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Predictions – God-ordained but fulfilled by human decisions

In I Kings 11:29-40, while Solomon ruled a united Israel, the prophet Ahijah predicted the removal of ten tribes for Jereboam’s rule.  Being in charge of Solomon’s forced levies to provide workers for multiple building projects, Jereboam familiarized himself with unrest seething in the ten tribes.  The young upstart may have taken Ahijah’s prediction as an excuse to begin a rebellion against Solomon.  If so, it failed and Jereboam fled to Egypt—the haven of conspirators and the persecuted.

The prediction, however, came true, not by a forced rebellion from outside Solomon’s heir, but from within Rehoboam’s own political cabinet, detailed in I King 12:1-17.  In this, and every predictive event of the Bible, human decisions fulfilled divine predictions.

In every situation where God ordains an event human free will achieves it.  It’s God’s foreknowledge working within human activity.  God didn’t MAKE them do it.  He foresaw that they would DO IT!

You can find similar predictions and fulfillments in I Samuel 2:30-33 and I Kings 2:27.  In I Kings 14:10-11 and 15:33-34.  In I Kings 13:2-3, 31 and II Kings 23:16.  In John 6:70 and Matthew 26:23-24.

The Spiritual principles involved.

One, it may take but years or centuries for God’s word to come true.  If he SAID it, it SHALL come true.  NO word of God can be sterile.

Two, God didn’t force any of the behavior that fulfilled his prediction.  No overpowering predestination fated the individuals as robots.

Three, while God foresaw the behavior, even naming individuals who weren’t alive at the time, he held them accountable for their actions, even to destroying them in turn.

Four, that principle applies to the Nazi hatred of Jews.  The Jewish leadership of Christ’s time brought history-long punishment on their race.  But God judges those nations and leaders who harm the Jews.  It’s a matter of antinomy:  two entirely different and contradictory ideas that make perfectly harmonious teaching once God works in them. That applies today to the Jew-hating, Christian-hating, even Moslems who don’t agree with them-hating barbarism of Moslem terrorists.  All they’re doing is guaranteeing severe destruction of states who harbor them and of the religion itself.

We are free to live as we please.  But God’s word determines truth.  If we harden ourselves against his truth through Jesus Christ, we suffer!

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