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Priority – having wrong/lesser

A sailor aboard the USS Oklahoma December 7, 1941, busily shined his shoes preparing for a date in Honolulu.  The mayhem and violence caused by Japanese torpedoes turned both the ship and his plans upside down.  Still, she was mad three months later when he saw her in the city because he had “stood her up.”  (San Diego Union Tribune, 12/8/14)

We can call her response a display of misplaced priorities, a lack of a sense of history, or pure ignorance of what befell the world 7 December 1941, around 8 AM HST.  Others in Honolulu had no idea what happened in the harbor by concentrating on their own affairs.

The problem actively confronts our culture.  We see the apparent lack of respect for black men on the streets of America; but we pay no attention to the breakdown in black families.  We see no danger to accountability when black boys and men feel free to “love ’em and leave ‘em”, their pregnant girl friends left to welfare payments.

Or we stand aghast that our CIA would treat terrorists of 9/11 in less than gentle ways to get information about other coming attacks; but we think nothing of the danger radical Islam poses to our safety, with their Fifth-Column operatives already in the country, awaiting only orders from their superiors to unleash more violence among our people.

Or we express anguish over mistreatment of horses, dogs, cats—and all the other beasts we now consider “members” of the family; but casually dismiss the continued murder of unborn HUMAN children. After all, we say,` animals have no one to defend them.  Do babies in the womb?

History doesn’t only re-visit us, in forms different from before; it keeps repeating itself in our obsession with lesser, and disregard of greater, values.