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Privilege – Jesus supersedes all in

Catherine Parr became the sixth wife of Henry VIII.  His will designated any children borne to have precedence over Mary Stuart and Elizabeth Tudor.  Marrying the king hadn’t been Catherine’s first choice.  Before Henry made his intentions known, Catherine had been courted by Sir Thomas Seymour, the man she loved.  However, understanding his place vis á vis Henry VIII, Seymour vanished from the court when he learned Henry’s choice of Catherine as his wife.  Elizabeth the Great, 17

John the Baptist understood his inferiority as groomsman to Jesus, the Groom.  He had no problem when God sent him to introduce, not be the Messiah; when Jesus insisted he baptize him; when Sanhedrin inquisitors questioned his method and message; when his own disciples complained of Christ’s success contrasted to his own.

Do we understand and accept our inferiority vis á vis Jesus?  That his ounce of fact outweighs our ton of opinion?  That we yield him instant occupancy when he comes into our room?  That we surrender all our opinions when he states his position?  That any disagreement with him is rebellion?  That any question of his rectitude is unbelief?  When a political courtier surrendered the woman he loved when a king wanted her, should we insist on preserving our habits, relationships and goals when Jesus lays claim to all we are and have?

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