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Problems and Opportunities

Notwithstanding family health problems, let’s get back to blogging.  Problems can become opportunities if they’re carefully studied and analyzed.  Without that, opportunities that seem to exist may not.

Adam in Eden faced the first problem in history:  what to do with their perfect innocence shattered by Eve’s fall?  Give up?  Ask for another chance to get it right?  Plan on establishing a kingdom where wrong was right and right was wrong?  (That’s the evil haunting America today.)

No…Adam simply said, “The time has come for my wife Eve to become mother of all our progeny” Genesis 3:20.  What to do, then, when catastrophes strike:  go on with life.  While life is best understood only from the past, it can be lived only in the present and future.

Early Christians also faced and resolved problems into opportunities.  Jesus left them and vanished, carried aloft by a cloud-chariot.  What were they to do facing life alone, Jesus not visible, worse still, Jesus being permanently absent from them for the first time in 3 ½ years?  With the nudge of angels, they returned to Jerusalem Joyous.  Entered the Upper Room holding such precious memories of Jesus and Prayed through the next 10 days.  A Problem became an Opportunity.

The principle continued in Acts.  The apostles faced a problem when Ananias and Sapphira lied about their gifts to the Fellowship.  What would happen to preserve Apostolic authority?  The Holy Spirit provided Opportunity in the Problem.  While Peter spoke, the Spirit struck Ananias dead.  By the time Sapphira came before him, Peter knew her fate had been sealed Acts 5:1-11.

One more of many examples.  The widows of Judean Jews received a lion’s share of the benevolence.  The Jews of the Dispersion—Grecians—living in Jerusalem—felt overlooked.

A problem!  What would happen to the unity previously binding all the believers?

Under the Spirit’s guidance, the apostles shed their role as ministers of benevolence to remain prophets of prayer and preaching.  That brought the seven deacons to the former role.

The point is always the same.  We’ll never be without problems, either personally as Christians or corporately as a church.  With clear, objective thinking and planning, any problem will become a spiritual opportunity.  But don’t make the mistake of thinking problems naturally become opportunities without God’s guidance from his Word through the Holy Spirit’s illumination and energizing presence.

Think.  Plan.  Act.  Trust God to turn any problem into Opportunity.

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