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Renewal – complete needed

As John 2:13-17 and Acts 5:1-11 illustrate, the Master always begins his ministry among us with a purifying cleansing.  The need of spiritual renewal is stressed throughout scripture.  God promises to live in our minds and hearts, but only after we undergo the repentance of self-denial and the cleansing of baptism by immersion.

Tattoos are as common in America as arms, faces, legs, chins, eyebrows, etc., etc.   It’s the habit God warned his people to avoid in Leviticus 19:28.  A common practice among pagans identifying with their gods, they also used them to make a statement or generally to show-off.  Very much like today.  Which works fine for them as long as they maintain whatever feeling or relationship they have inked into their skin.  What happens, however, when gang members want out?  When others want to make a fresh start and sever relationships they have branded on their bodies?  Laser treatments can erase the reminders, but it’s never any cheaper to remove the symbols than to acquire them.

When the Messiah came, Malachi predicted, he would come cleansing, purifying and burning the minds and hearts of those to whom he came.  A ministry, by the way, that the Baptist personified.  Messiah wanted to rid his people of all vestiges of their past so they could serve God in ways that marked their renewed minds and hearts with his IMAGE.  Indeed, to reinforce the Image of himself he made in Eden, which unsaved sinners had allowed and still allow to become defaced under sin.

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