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Respect – must be shown to receive

How many of the black pro athletes who demand “to be respected” freely show “blatant disrespect” of the flag?  They must show respect to get respect.  No one will automatically appreciate them because they jump higher, hit harder, shoot better or run faster in their respective careers.

They sit or knee during the national anthem, though the flag they disregard is the symbol of a country that gives them the freedom to earn millions of dollars a year in subsistence careers.  For make no mistake.  Pro sports is an EASY alternative to responsibility and the demands of education.  Thanks to runaway obsession with sports in American life, more of those unqualified to play in college sports, because they can’t compete academically, ARE playing because of pressure from alumni, administration and coaches.  That encourages teachers to dumb-down their requirements for chosen athletes.  It also creates a false-sense of worth in them.  It certainly creates an atmosphere in pro football that any success, especially a touchdown, gives the athlete the chance to exhibit his dance steps.  A perversion of decency that should be eliminated.

But American life is getting what it deserves.  For, while any number of black athletes won’t join the rebellious, stupid ones who disrespect the flag, untold millions of American act in unison in disrespecting God.  We spit in God’s face.  We turn our nose up at God.  We reject his word.  We refuse to follow his will.  We laugh at his command for self-denial.

America, you’re getting what you deserve, having inferior minds declaring the flag unworthy of a pledge of allegiance.  And that’s not the end.  You never figured that disbelieving in God would have any consequences.  You forgot that all belief has either results or consequences.  And rejecting God has only consequences, which we hate and regret.

The worst is yet to come, America.  God cannot be mocked and his judgment is ahead.  Prepare to meet your God, America.


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