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Resurrection – individuals will arise at

On the Western Front in WWI, that 400 mile distance from the North Sea to the Swiss border, battles were fought, military wills were contested and the dead were spread like fertilizer on the ground.  At Notre Dame de Lorette, so many thousand French soldiers died that they presented a problem with burial.  To solve it, the bones of 20,000 unknown soldiers were piled together in a mass grave.  Today a lighthouse stands on the grounds, its searchlight “rotating 360 degrees”, accompanied by a perpetual flame.  The Ossuary it memorializes contains the bones of 20,000 men from nearby battlefields.

The bones lie together, mixed, inseparable, none identified as the individuals whose skeletons helped them walk and run, fight and sleep.  Separately they all fought and died.  Jumbled together they all remain till the End.  First World War, 165.

Pile all the bones of all the dead in all generations.  Dig holes broad and deep enough to contain them all.  Keep them there until all flesh vanishes and only bones remain.  Until NO identity of an individual is possible.

Still…at the End, when Jesus Christ shouts his deafening declaration of Victory over death, all of those bones will come together, Ezekiel-style, 37:1-14, everyone with its proper mate, bone on bone, everyone of every individual joined together again, not a single misplaced bone in any skeleton—and the individuals of which those bones were once a part will live again as those individuals John 5:28-29.

The redeemed will possess the NEW body Jesus bestows, the lost the same old body they had while alive.  The redeemed will rise to LIVE, the unsaved will rise to be condemned.  What will it be for us then?

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