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Revenge –was it worth it?

A 19th year old girl came to San Diego, California, during WWII, following her boyfriend, who had shipped out before she arrived.  She worked at Rohr in Chula Vista and met a man who “treated me like a brother.”  They went to the beach, to dinner, to his parents, to a sexual relationship.  On the cajoling of her fellow-workers, she married him.

Within a year they had a baby and returned to Colorado, where she intended to stay.  Though she couldn’t forget her boyfriend, she wrote him a Dear John letter. with the usual explanation of:  separated too long, war lasting too long, she met someone else, etc.  Since he came from her hometown, however, she kept tabs on him, though she never saw him again.

Until 1973, when she visited Colorado from California and discovered from his mother that he was single again and living in Idaho. With fond memories echoing in her mind, she wrote him, shared her single status and asked him to come to San Diego for a visit.

He phoned after receiving the letter.  They talked.  He laughed about her voice being the same after 30 years.  He flew to San Diego.  They recognized each other instantly.  They had “the best time together.” They made arrangements to take a vacation together, all details specified.  She couldn’t wait.

He could.  When the time came, he didn’t show.

Worried at his failure to communicate, she called his mother in Colorado.  He had talked with her after his weekend in San Diego. Then he dropped the bombshell.  He had no intention of ever returning to San Diego. It had been enough for him to see the lady once more and raise her hopes of a renewed friendship and maybe love.

The lady later explained that he had been so angry when getting the Dear John letter that he “waited to do the same thing to me.”  Rousing her hope in a continued relationship fulfilled his purpose.

He wanted to hurt her as she had him.  She felt he loved her so much during the war that love turned to hate when being victimized by her.  He had obviously become obsessed with revenge.  The Homefront, 201-202.

Was it worth carrying hate all those years, to glut it in revenge?