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Role – each has a . to play

A Family Circus cartoon has the mother carrying the baby in one arm and maybe a load of towels in the other.  One of the kids sits at the table and volunteers that Mommy was so good with kids she would have made a good babysitter.  San Diego U-T, 9/26/16

Motherhood today may not be considered the best a woman could be—but that’s the fault of our degraded culture, not the loss of motherhood’s importance.  Some women should never have kids.  Then some, like my wife Judy, should have had more than three.  Once when a friend brought a TV to our house, his two little ones came into the house.  I greeted them, but they rushed past me into the kitchen.  I looked there and Judy had already swept them into her arms.  Neither one of us had seen the kids before!

Everyone has a role to fill.  Of the 12 apostles of Jesus, only three got any significant notice.  The rest served anonymously or with little notice.  Before the Philippines fell to the Japanese in Spring, 1942, men sat in foxholes ready to contest the invaders.  A sergeant would come by and order them to hold their positions.  When asked “for how long,” he said, “never mind.”  That meant the men were expendable.  They would stay in line until overrun, captured or killed.  When the time came to evacuate key personnel in the PT boat squadrons to Australia, only 4 or 5 men were considered so essential they got to go.  The rest were expendable.  They Were Expendable, 200-203.

Where the 9 apostles had every qualification to serve in high places, the men left behind in the P.I. lacked experience in the technology demanded in the new PT squadrons to be developed.

What then are we going to say if God calls us to labor unknown and unrewarded?  The same thing we’ll say if called to be an essential servant:  we’ll do our best.  The importance of discipleship is the attention given a task, not the immensity of the task.  Even that cup of cold water Jesus mentioned has value to him if offered as our best.  Consider whatever role we have as the one we can best discharge and discharge it with our best effort.

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