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Rule – any exception to gets attention Amos 4:1 ff

At the Green River Rendezvous in 1836, trappers and Indians who hadn’t seen each other for a full year whooped and yelped their delight at renewing acquaintance; but only until they caught sight of a kind of woman some hadn’t seen in years, and others not at all.  There before them stood blond, tanned Narcissa Whitman, the first white woman overland from the United States to Oregon. The Nez Perce Indians couldn’t stop looking at her, and even hardened trappers stood around with stars in their eyes.  Bernard deVoto, Across the Wide Missouri, p. 247

Her coming signaled a change for good in the American West.  When men had only themselves to consider and maintain, they lived in the scrubbiest of conditions.  When women and children appeared, however, manners improved, schools and churches were erected, civilizing organizations took form.  Women always had a positive effect in American society.

The women in Amos’ day provided an exception to this rule.  To the money they possessed they demanded additional funds; to the luxury, greater excess.  They hectored their husbands by the constant demand of “more, more, more.”  To sate them, the men further brutalized their workers.  Thus, the women, unlike most all in every age, contributed to the barbarity, greediness and depravity of their age.  It would be an exception, but one that glared.

In apostolic times women also served as bad and good examples.  Paul urged Christian women to activate a counter-culture of modesty in dress in a society of self-glorification I Timothy 2:9-10.  To show they battled Empire-wide narcissism, Peter urged Christian women to let their beauty originate in their thinking and behavior, not in the accepted procedures females followed I Peter 3:1 ff.

But Paul, supposed to be the old woman hater by feminists, valued the women believers he encountered Romans 16:1 ff, Philippians 4:2-3.

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