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Salvation – builds a life conquering all challenges

In 2009, a home-built kit plane crashed near Ramona, California, killing both occupants.  Some witnesses said it had been doing stunts—which the manufacturer warned the plane couldn’t do.  Others who saw the plane before, and as, it crashed said they didn’t see any “extraordinary stunts”—whatever that meant.  If the plane didn’t have the capacity for stunts, NO stunts should have been attempted.  San Diego U-T, 5/10 & 5/11/2009

Several spiritual lessons emerge from this story.  One, it’s possible to build and not crash your own plane from kits manufactured by qualified companies.  But a crash is virtually inevitable if a pilot puts a plane through maneuvers the Company said it wasn’t built to withstand.

Two, it’s impossible to live by our own morality and survive Judgment intact!  We can build any kind of life with which we’re comfortable—however moral or wicked, however wisely or foolishly constructed—the sand and rock being distinct models Christ instituted in Matthew 7:24-27.  However, building acceptability to God as we please is like building our own plane, then flying it as we desire, not as the manufacturer determined.  If we live without God in this life, get ready to crash when facing Judgment—when the books are opened and our life’s thoughts and deeds are made known.

Three, the forgiven life Jesus builds in his people can and shall withstand any challenge we presently face, whatever maneuver life puts us through, however close to failure or disaster we come.  It also withstands the tremendous stress of Judgment.  The Lord who overcame the world designed a life for us that also overcomes, even overcoming Judgment when all thoughts and behavior are revealed John 16:33, Revelation 3:21.

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Salvation – wanting it our way

The earliest polar explorers ignored Eskimo methods and traditions of travel.  Instead of exploring in winter, they tried summer travel to reach the Pole.  Instead of dogs to pull sleds, they used sailors to lug boats across ice to open waters.  Instead of shooting caribou and seals for food, they shot birds for sport.  It finally dawned on the Europeans that the Eskimos knew their homeland better than anyone else.  And when the explorers began imitating the native’s curious ways, they enjoyed progressive success in their explorations.

The Jews in John 6:41-43 grumbled at Jesus when he taught that he had come from heaven.  Against their complaints he asserted his authority, encouraging them to look at him from God’s standpoint.  After all, it was God’s world Jesus came to save, not theirs.  And that salvation would come in God’s way, not theirs.

So many continue to carry on such combative arguments with God that they spare little time to listen to God.  Convinced of the certainty and truth of their opinions, they give no serious consideration to God’s truth.  In fact, many, who have never read the Bible have still decided that it isn’t true.

God will have his way.  He has revealed himself.  It’s presumptuous, in the light of that, to say it isn’t so.  Theologians may still be uncertain whether God has spoken.  That only means they’re still trying to get to heaven their own way rather than accepting God’s method.  They may be explaining God, but they’re not experiencing God.  The Eskimos knew their world better than any explorer just passing through.  God certainly knows both of his worlds better than any of us aliens passing through this one to the next.