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Satan – Jesus had no mercy on

Joseph Mower volunteered as a private in the Mexican War.  In September, 1861 he received a Captain’s commission in the Union Army.  By August, 1864 his rank rose to Major General of volunteers.  Grant and Sherman repeatedly used him as a hammer against Confederate lines.  Not only did he succeed magnificently; he never spoke of his success.  He considered it sufficient glory that he led his men to break enemy lines.  He slept with his men on whatever ground they occupied.  He charged with his men when he ordered “Charge”.  His peers spoke of him in glowing terms.  Yet, for all that, he remained an anonymous warrior doing his job.  But wherever he appeared in their front, Confederates steeled themselves to fight ferociously or be defeated.  The War Years IV, 82-83.  A work like Mower’s needed to be told, but wasn’t.

The work of Jesus Christ needed to be told and was at first, has been in history, is now being told  and will continue to be till history ends!

The point of this blog is the commitment Mower made to warfare.  He took total war seriously; he considered it necessary; in its pursuit he spared no one, including himself.

When Jesus came to earth, I John 3:8 says, he dedicated himself to destroying the Devil’s works.  Which he did merrily, generously, unquestionably and, in his sacrifice and resurrection, finally, without a doubt!  The apostles continued the Master’s work.  The violence against Paul in Corinth and Ephesus proved the impact Christianity made on heathenism.  The apostle and the Faith couldn’t be ignored, they were so obviously dangerous to unbelievers.

Where is Christian militance against satanic citadels today?  Indeed, instead of action against whatever evil appears, don’t we take refuge in our worship services and small groups?  Don’t we content ourselves more with being saved than being Christ’s witnesses?  It’s for sure, like the black bear we’re lazy by nature.  It’s for sure we need a challenge to get up and get at it.  As disciples of Jesus, we’re even less ambitious.  We climb rungs of the ladder only by being shoved up.

We need a change of perspective:  from the obstacles which keep us fearful, to the Holy Spirit who inspires confidence to TRY.  That brings the commitment to resolve that any time Satan crawls from his hole he’ll see more than his shadow.

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Satan – is filled with rage for humanity

Between 2007 and 2010, a former Navy SEAL persuaded  retired and active duty SEALs to invest in his financial investment firm.  Instead of paying them the promised dividends he pocketed the money, then spent it on himself.

In a 2015 San Diego trial he received the minimum six-year, eight-month prison sentence.  While his lawyer tried to explain his aberrant behavior on post-traumatic stress disorder and depression, the defendant didn’t.  He didn’t use the word GREED to explain his sin, but he did blame pride, ego and hubris.  Union-Tribune, 5/7/15

The response of some of the defendant’s victims intrigued me.  Several supported him, if not his fraud.  Like Jim Bowie’s friends, they couldn’t stand up for him when wrong, but they could stand by him.  One person however exonerated the man, despite his admission of fraud.  “…he did not defraud me,” the man said.  “It’s not in his character.”

It was in his character, or he wouldn’t have been guilty of it.

The spiritual principle is even-more frightening, as Christians face Satan’s frauds and hatreds.  It reminds one of the Communists and their fellow-travelers especially in a Roosevelt Administration rife with them.  Hollywood-types still rage against the House Un-American Activities Committee for ferreting out suspected Communists and sympathizers in post WW II.

The same critics of the Committee never admit that Communists and sympathizers sided with Russia against their own government.  Defenders of those guilty claimed they had a right to be wrong, to be mistaken, to be treasonous, but no one had the right to prosecute them.

American liberals heard Nikita Khrushchev and his ilk say they would bury America.  But responded, “they didn’t mean that.”  It was mere rhetoric to satisfy hard-liners in Moscow.

Wrong.  Such attitudes, however, explain why America did not defeat Communism.  God defeated Communism.  The Communists built their wall of lies through Berlin.  Long before that God built his Wall of truth in Scripture, and Communism splintered by ramming straight into it.

I could go on, but let’s get to the spiritual truth.  When Jesus said Satan “was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him….”, he also said, “…woe to the earth and the sea, because the devil has gone down to you!  He is filled with fury, because he knows that his time is short” Revelation 12:9, 12.

Never doubt Satan when he swears to alienate you from God; for he does.  Or that he wants you in Hell with him; for he does.  And never believe Satan’s soft words, for they’re spoken from behind hard eyes.  Never believe his smile, for it’s always a snarl.  If you want to know the spiritual truth about Satan, read the two chapters in Their Own Best Defense the author devoted to the colossal struggle Jesus had with Satan in their knock-down, drag-out, head-on, blow-for-blow conflict in the wilderness.  It’s available through