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Science – pursues baseless, useless, sterile causes

In his opening remarks at the meeting carried by the Weather Channel, September 28, 2015, the lead scientist couldn’t contain his enthusiasm of finding possible water in some form on Mars.  He, and his scientific panel, boasting renowned intellectuals around the world, considered it one of the great scientific breakthroughs in history.  Among other things, he said that science is always searching for the answer to “where we came from.”

And they think to find the answer on Mars?  A planet whose sole qualification for possible life is its proximity to earth’s orbit around the sun?  That red planet will have answers to our origin not found on earth:  in God’s word, God’s Son, God’s church?

To think that way is to think Pope Francis had anything substantial to say on his American visit.  To think that way is to think politics has solid answers to our social, economic and spiritual issues.  To think that way is to think liberals who reject Jesus Christ as God’s Son have better solutions to humanity’s problems in their doubt, revisionism, skepticism and flagrant humanism!

Why would we put hope for an explanation of our origin and purpose in a created, lifeless thing, not in the Living Creator?  In soils and rocks that never speak, not in the Eternal God who has  spoken through Law, Prophets and Writings, then Personally through Jesus Christ.

Why would we consider any scientific discovery the “smoking gun” of anything in creation when the next scientific discovery may very well contradict this discovery?

While we never stop seeking help everywhere but in the Bible, God’s holy word, the one place where answers lie, where answers whisper, where answers shout, where answers warn us we’ll die in our sins if we don’t accept God in Christ, God never changes his creation account.  It remains the only rational explanation of WHO made us and WHY.

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