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Secrets – none are kept from God

Two Jr. High students in Escondido, California passed coded notes to each other in class.  The teacher intercepted one of them.  Not to worry, the boys thought:  their self-developed code prevented any revelation.  Until the teacher opened it, studied it for a few seconds, then read it aloud to the class.  The suddenly-embarrassed boys didn’t know the teacher had been a code-breaker in WWII.  Reminisce Magazine, 3/16, p. 24

Some of us may remember similar embarrassment when what we thought was secret correspondence suddenly wasn’t.  That certainly happens in our high-tech world of secretly-recorded assignations; or revealing selfies; or perverted voyeurs poking cameras into our private space.

We can never hide from God secrets we don’t want even him to know.  He fathoms how we talk and what we mean, even if we disguise our real intention in language hard for others to decipher.  We can be masters of coded double-speak with each other, but forget it when praying to God.  We can take blame for a mistake, go ahead and confess it to him and have it removed.  He knows.  We can hide our pain from others in soft denials, but go ahead and blurt it to God.  He understands.  “Daylight and dark in this agree, Great God; both are alike to thee.”  As is God’s perfect knowledge of what we mean, not merely what we say.  Of our motive, not merely our language.  Of the reality we try to hide in the appearance.  He knows all our secret codes.

He’s kind to the helpless who admit they’re weak; to the uninformed who want education; to the erring who seek forgiveness; to the abandoned and forgotten who want only want to be recognized by HIM.  Come to God, by all means.  Speak freely.  Expose your real self and feelings.  If ashamed, confess it, and leave released.  If lonely, seek his grace.  He grants it.  He lived here too.  We can never bring to Jesus any pain he didn’t experience while  here.

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