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Security – in the “feeling”

General Meade commandeered the Leister house behind Union lines when he arrived around 1 AM 2 July, 1863.  He walked in the back yard during the rain of Confederate cannonade 3 July.  The shells overshot the front lines and fell near Meade’s headquarters, scattering men, equipment and animals.  When he noticed his officers “gradually” and “unconsciously” edging to the far side of the house he urged them that no particular place was any safer than any other place.

It reminded him of a man who drove an ox-cart carrying ammunition to General Taylor’s troops at Palo Alto, during the Mexican War.  The man suddenly found himself under Mexican fire and, looking for shelter, could find it only behind his ox-cart.  General Taylor soon rode by, saw it and called the man a fool.  He was no safer behind the cart than on or before it.  The man replied the General was probably right, but he kind of felt (italics added) safer.  Gettysburg Battle and Battlefield, 64


A spiritual truth emerges from the story.  We all need to feel secure, but where we seek safety can be only a “feeling” of security or a real, substantial, lasting Security.  Is our source of safety no more permanent than we?  Such as career, wealth, health, relationships?  ETC?  The Christian, no more or less than the secularist, seeks safety in life.  The difference is the Source of our confidence.  We don’t just feel safe behind whatever we hide; we are safe because the eternal Jesus IS our security.

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Security – the kind God provides

During the holocaust of artillery exchanges in the battle of Arnhem, a chaplain tried to minister to hundreds of wounded men.  He could barely hear his own voice in the building where they lay.  He suddenly felt the need to combat the noise with God’s peace.  He quoted Matthew 6:33 aloud and then began to sing Abide With Me.  At first the men just listened.  Then they began to hum…then sing softly…then louder…and soon against the thunderous barrage outside hundreds of men sang those soothing, powerful words of hope:  “When other helpers fail and comforts flee, God of the helpless, O abide with me.”  A Bridge Too Far, p. 548

Isaiah wasn’t blind to the tragedies he saw.  Neither was he intimidated by them.  Nor did he allow them to surface doubt about God’s existence.  While he saw Satan’s power at work in the world, he also witnessed God’s stronger power at work.  And from God’s presence with his people Isaiah took his hope, Isaiah 35:3-4.

We must have God as the source of our security.  God:  not a “nothing” in particular and an “everything” in general, but the One Particular Being of his kind; who exists by himself, with no one’s assistance.  The Absolute Being:  not just “up there,” but “in here,” in our minds.  Different from us, to be sure, but one with us in our daily experiences.  He is God Almighty, and we are his children, and he cares.  That awareness gives us the permanent confidence to overcome all life’s adversities.