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Sex – both male and female are fellow-heirs

You may have seen the Family Circus cartoon 4/11/17.  Billy asks Mom why DADDY Goose didn’t write stories.  The man’s reply would be, “Women do most of the talking.”  The woman’s response would be, “Women have more worthwhile things to say.”


That verbal duel could continue indefinitely, with wits on either side exchanging rapier thrusts.  And however differently God made females from males—he did.  He chose but a rib from Adam to assure the complete humanity of Eve, but only a rib to give his creativity full expression.  We men thank him for making girls differently as they jealously guard their individuality.  (A fact our depraved society seeks fruitlessly to change.)

The apostle in I Peter 3:1-7 discusses male and female differences in physical composition:  the male stronger, the female weaker.  And their common share in faith:  “heirs with you of the gracious gift of life….”

The Biblical distinction between male and female remains intact and will NEVER be abolished or merged.  The ridiculous, never-ending effort by homosexuals and lesbians shall and must fail because God’s original model destroyed it before it could begin.

But under God, as sinners needing forgiveness and seeking eternal life, no distinctions exist.  Both male and female believers have the same hope.  No favoritism shown.  No exceptions made.  Fellow heirs we are and remain.

Why would our culture persist in defending and demanding what can never be right because it’s stupendously wrong; and ignore the privileges of faith that can never be wrong because they’re stupendously right?  THINK

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