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Signs – traffic . and God’s word

I stopped for a red light when returning home from a doctor’s visit one day last week.  At the right side of the street a lane marked by an arrow and, accompanied a road sign, read, “Right Turn Only.”  It suddenly occurred to me that we pay more attention to road signs than to God’s word.

 Think:  we know law enforcement is serious whatever its signs say:  STOP; No Parking; 35 MPH; YIELD; LEFT TURN lane only; NO U-Turn; Railroad Crossing; Do not Block intersection; One car each green light on metered Freeway entrances; Blue Call Box sign; Off Ramp Closed; Commuter lanes:  two or more in a vehicle, etc., etc.

 Any time a word is capitalized, highlighted, printed in bold letters, or otherwise PRONOUNCED, Pay attention, Obey its instruction, Don’t think you’re exempt from tickets or arrest if caught.  If, for example, our refusal to YIELD to incoming traffic causes an accident, we’re responsible for the consequences. 

 Yet, we take little notice whatever God commands in his word.  When we’re told, we don’t think God means it; when preachers insist, we get irritated, or worse.  Let us understand:  if God forbids an attitude, activity or behavior, that means STOP IT!  Though we convince ourselves that it doesn’t apply to us if we’re consenting adults, or mature adults; or we’re always able to control and limit the effects of whatever behavior we know is prohibited.  When God says YIELD our will to his word to be in Grace, we resist because ego encourages us to trust self to know what’s best. 

Let us to be warned:  if we enter a “right turn lane only”, but decide to go straight ahead, we may make it.  If a cop doesn’t see it.  If he does he won’t accept any excuse we offer for breaking the law.  We aren’t forced to obey the traffic signs.  We are forced to pay the price of disobedience.

 Thus, Jesus warns us to walk only the Zion-Narrows kind of road through life—the restricted Spirit-led life.  If we decide to, and we have the right to do so, we can walk whatever way we please—which will always be the road of least resistance and greater freedom—the Broad Road.  However, don’t expect at the end of that road to find LIFE.  It ain’t there.  It will never be there.  And we’ll go to Hell saying, “It should be there because I wanted it to be there.”

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