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Society – a consumer

At an ever-younger age kids get all the excitement that gadgets can buy and programs provide.  Elmo in a recent Blondie cartoon is the poster child.  Dagwood as usual takes a nap.  Elmo nevertheless touches him awake with a statement and confession:  he’s done all the stuff summer can offer but now—7/27/16—he’s bored, one of the favorite words of kids who’ve had too much, too fast, been entertained and pampered without being challenged to Grow Up and Be Responsible!

Anyway, the second frame has Elmo asking an awakened Dagwood “since he’s 6 years old,” is this “as good as it gets?”  The third frame has Dag putting the little pepper pot out the door, telling him his mother is calling.  (But why send him back to her when she’s probably the one  who created the problem?)  Really, it was Bumstead’s way of getting rid of a nuisance.

Another example of the “Gee, I’m great, entertain me”, generation is the young Australian actress.  She likes to play different characters since it helps her look at herself a “little more.”  Parade Magazine 7/31/16.   As if that’s important.  As if the world changes as she surveys her life.  As if when she gets to her real self she won’t find a whimpering, unsettled female begging help to escape her sins, her failures, her fears.  Jesus eliminated the Elmo’s and actresses of life by demanding self-denial as the first step in discipleship.  The monstrous ego exists in even the wimpiest person monopolizes life and demands to be feted, petted, pampered and “made a little more aware of self.”  Only when God comes in and kicks self out, will we ever find our true selves.  And that recreated in the image of God Almighty, not our miserly self-awareness.  Give yourself a chance to find a self that’s worth knowing, worth keeping, worth prolonging eternally.  Only God can make THAT person of us.

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