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Sound – monstrous heard afar

The eruption of Krakatoa, August 26-28, 1883, blew itself apart.  The resulting tsunami carried destruction inland in 50 foot waves, killing 36,000 people.  It tore an ocean-going vessel from a two-ton mooring buoy in the Sunda Strait, hoisted it to its crest, carried it a half-mile inland, then dropped it thunderously, killing the entire crew.  The ship straddled the river and only disappeared from that position in the 1980’s.

What got everyone’s attention was the sound.  In the community of Rodriguez the chief of police wrote in his official diary that on the night of August 26-27, he heard the “distant roar of heavy guns” that continued intermittently for 3-4 hours, then at 3 PM August 27 reverberated as two colossal explosions.  He didn’t hear guns, however.  He did hear Krakatoa, some 2968 mile away destroying itself.  Nearly 3000 miles away!  Very likely the loudest sound ever heard on earth, having been heard that far away.  Krakatoa, 257, 262-265

One sound has been louder, more persistent, heard in more places from its place of origin, leaving no doubt of its birthplace and its reason for existing:  the sacrifice of Jesus Christ once-for-all given on Mount Calvary outside Jerusalem.  The sound it produced—of glory and grace and peace, that God is in Christ, forgiving all sinners, circles the globe every Sunday as God’s people gather for worship, every weekday as they gather to study the Bible and pray, as individual believers witness to non-Christian friends or perform any good work in Christ’s name.  A sound perfectly achieved by the Lamb of God, it’s constantly, if imperfectly, communicated by his people.  Let the sound continue.  Let it grow.  Let it be heard everywhere, by everyone, bringing conviction to the unsaved and confidence to Christ’s believers.  Jesus Christ saves!

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