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Spiritual Growth – comes suddenly or…

I’ve used the following story in one of my books Their Own Best Defense.  It’s useful for this blog.

Malcom Muggeridge wrote that the earliest blood-transfusions had donors and recipients lying side by side.  Activated by a pump, blood flowed through a glass tube from one to the other.  It had an almost instantaneous impact on the recipient.  Jesus, 82

Jesus taught three lessons of spiritual growth in three parables:  Leaven, inner growth; Mustard Seed, external growth; Seed growing by itself, inherent growth.  Those in the business of teaching the Gospel know that spiritual enlightenment can come like the old transfusion procedure:  instant changes occur in people’s perspectives and lives.  In most lives, however, far more gradual change results.  The Holy Spirit operates in both ways, depending on us.  Some people are surprised how rapidly conversion impacts them.  Others grow in Christ so imperceptibly that only making a previously unthinkable decision makes them aware.

Either way, growth in the Love of God, the Grace of Christ and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit is expected and demanded of God’s people.


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