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Sportsmanship – ethical meaning of eliminated in sports

So Allyson Felix won the silver, not the gold medal in the 400 meter race in Rio.  Not because she didn’t outrun the Bahamian woman, but because that woman “took a dive” over the finish line.  Now…a dive in boxing means you have intentionally “thrown the bout.”  But in 2016 a dive in the Olympic 400 meters means you have won legally, but not morally and ethically.

The Bahamian paid the price of her dive in a few scratches, which hurt far less by winning the gold.  Allyson paid the price of receiving a silver by running through the finish line.  Let’s see…it’s called a 400 meter RUN, not a 399 meter run and a yard DIVE!  Listen…fall if you must after crossing the line; dive if you want after crossing the line.  But RUN through the finish line!

Was the dive legal?  Yes, by some twisted logic of the IOC, diving across a finish line in a race is legal.  Only a degraded organization can tolerate such stupid rules.  Was it sportsman-like, someone asked Allyson.  That “depends on what side you are on,” she replied.  San Diego U-T, 8/16/16

No, it doesn’t.  Sportsmanship means you compete by the rules and by the ethical standards the rules imply.  But, given our culture, where only winning matters—who remembers who comes in second?—lying, cheating, taking drugs, bribing officials or whatever it takes, doesn’t matter.  Ethics are good for religious people, but don’t expect businessmen, athletes, entertainers, politicians or broadcasters to be interested.  “Just win, baby!”, the depraved slogan goes.  Settle with God later, if you think you need to, but winning now is what matters.  Go to Hell if you don’t repent of it, but at least you go into the fire with gold hung around your neck.

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