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Teaching – and life-experience together

Dr. Henry Heimlich taught the Maneuver that has helped hundreds of choking people.  The “abdomen-squeezing” effort dislodges food caught in the throat.

He practiced what he preached May, 2016.  A lady in his retirement community choked on a piece of meat.  The doctor hurriedly applied his abdomen-squeezing move, and out popped the offending food particle.   San Diego U-T, 5/29/16

There’s nothing like teaching that has real-life application.  Jesus filled Four Gospels with such didache.  The New Testament writers followed with deepened extensions of his original thought.  That created a BOOK FULL of out-of-this-world doctrines that have had the most ameliorating effect wherever they’ve been taught.  Everywhere Biblical Christianity goes, human lives improve, marriages strengthen, fellowships deepen, children mature in loving but firm homes.  Not all religions, even some claiming to be Christian, can say their traditions positively impact their people, upgrade their living standards and give their people hope.

Consider two examples of the Master’s thought that he also practiced.  One, that we should forgive those who offend us.  He lived in open acceptance of even his self-appointed enemies.  They had to distance themselves from him.  He didn’t dismiss them as unworthy.  Then forgave them when they brutally murdered him.  Two, that we should trust God to provide our needs—and escape the worry that burdens so many people.  He practiced his preaching, conducting a peripatetic ministry, accompanied by Twelve men with robust appetites.  Yet, with no visible means of support, trusted God to provide shelter, sandals and clothes.  And these examples are merely suggestive of the many other ways Jesus excelled as the Practicing Preacher.

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