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Time – swiftly passes

It wouldn’t have been so bad to know that 50 years ago this past winter a Crew Team from Pacific Lutheran University had rowed their crew boat from Seattle to Tacoma, Washington.  The problem to surmount was WHEN 50 years ago was:  1967!  Lance was 8 years old, Brooks was 6 and Scott was 5.  Judy was 29 and this writer 31.

50 years ago; half a century!  Where has all that time gone?  How could anything that creeps along by seconds accumulate so quickly to 50 years?

Every younger person thinks that “there’s plenty of time.”  Older citizens subconsciously think “I still have time.”  Let’s instead awaken to scripture’s appeal:  “The time is short”—I Corinthians 7:29; “Now is the time of God’s favor”—II Corinthians 6:2; “Make the most of every opportunity”—Colossians 4:5, Ephesians 5:16.

We can’t STAY while time FLIES.  We can at least “fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds’ worth of distance run.”  Kipling

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Time – Jesus came at the right.

Mary Jo Urschalitz joined the Army Nurse Corps in 1945.  She received special training in communicable diseases.  That expertise was necessary since venereal disease ran uncontrolled through the military.  The epidemic caused the rapid escalation of wonder-drug penicillin from laboratory study to everyday use.  Only the crisis of venereal disease passed penicillin into rapid use, without the clinical trials otherwise imposed.  Sisters In War, 96

Sin had an alarming, horrible head start in humanity when Jesus came to Bethlehem.  We would even say it could have been more easily conquered had he come earlier.

God’s people had always resisted Satan’s advances into culture.  Abraham, called from Ur to tramp behind God into Canaan, began God’s frontal assault on sin.  The Mosaic covenant followed, limiting the impact of sin in human life.  The coming of Jesus portended God’s aim to destroy the works of Satan I John 3:8.  Everywhere Jesus went he battered every Satanic obstacle into rubble.  The destruction of Satan himself awaits the End Times and God’s Judgment of all mankind Revelation 20:7-10, 11-15.

The point is:  while sin traveled like lasers through humanity, and God seemed asleep, uncaring or impotent, God didn’t rush Christ into history to deal with the issue.  Jesus had to come at the right time.  But when that time came, nothing Satan could do prevented, slowed or compromised his arrival.

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