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Treasures – of two kinds

Ever hear of the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond?  It sold in May, 2016 for a record $58 million.  The 14.62 carat beauty derived its name from the late supervisor of the De Beers Corporation.  San Diego U-T, 5/19/16.  It took only 25 minutes to auction the rectangular-cut masterpiece.

The buyer will provide strict security measures to keep it for himself; to keep it from anyone else.  His satisfaction will be the singular quality of the stone:  the only one of its kind in the world—at least for now….


In 1640, 20 years after establishing the Plymouth Colony, Puritan leaders commissioned the publication of what became known as the Bay Psalm Book.  Something like 1700 copies were printed.  Something like 11 copies survive, two owned by Boston’s Old South Church.  They put one up for auction in 2013, expecting perhaps $30 million in proceeds.  They would use the funds to promote their “progressive”—i.e. “liberal”, no longer Christ-focused social/political/welfare programs.  San Diego U-T, 4/14/13.  The hymnal represents Puritan belief that God was in Christ reconciling the world to himself.  The Boston church no longer embraces Puritan belief but loves to be essential to society in poverty relief.

The differencs between the Oppenheimer Blue Diamond and the Puritan Hymnal is the essential point.  Note the contrasts.


The Diamond                                                              The Hymnal

A work of God’s creation                                           Based on the Psalms, God’s word


Purchased to be preserved for a few                      Printed to be used by many


Cut and polished out of its crude                               Representing its perfect source,

original state to glow                                                  a fair example of disciple-faith


Valued at millions as a work of art                             Past any value humans ascribe by

reason of its origin in God’s own mind


Immune to all forces except the final                       At the End of All Things, Still the

Incineration God sends                                               Eternal Word of God to be sung to

his Glory

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