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Value – what is our true?

I forget some of the details…but…a long time ago…when we still owned houses…we moved to another city and engaged with a tenant to live in the house we left.  He was to mow the grass, keep the place presentable, etc.  We agreed on compensation, though I personally left that open to change.  Anyway, when his first check came, $25 extra had been subtracted from the payment.  A note explained that the tenants thought their services were going to be worth more than our mutual agreement.

Now, in addition to the fact that they had no business doing that, they cheated themselves.  Had the tenant let me pay him what I had become convinced he was worth, he’d have received much more.  Since he set his own scale, that’s all he got.

Something like that constantly goes on between God and us.  We’re always demanding the right to set the values on our life, though they’re unerringly too low.  Though God warns us we shouldn’t do it, because we don’t really understand our true worth, we insist.

Thus, while we keep saying to God, “Look, God, all I want is a good job, a nice family, reasonable security and health,” he enjoins, “Oh, you’re worth much more than that to me.  Don’t undervalue yourself so.  I want to pay your real worth.  I want to give you everlasting joy.  I want you to share my glory through Jesus Christ.  I want to give you forgiveness of every sin.  Only if you let me set the value will you find your real worth.  No other way.”

We have the choice:  value ourselves and always fail to appreciate our real worth.  For all we ever think about is the physical, the mental, the social facets of life.  Or let God appraise us—and find how truly worthwhile we really are.  Only God can properly assay our worth.  And he thought us so valuable that he gave His One and Only Son to save us from sin and to give a fullness of life afterward, John 10:10.

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