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Values – skidding

According to Parade Magazine, 7/30/17, the beer industry sells $350 Billion of the suds annually.  According to the Internet, 8/1/17, charity giving in 2016 amounted to $390.05 Billion.  That includes gifts to churches and synagogues.  According to the Internet, 8/1/17, Americans spent nearly $61 Billion on pets in 2015.

I re-checked the charity giving, to be sure we gave more to it than we spent on beer—the figures consider the church a charity, which it ISN’T.  Yes, we actually gave more to charity than we spent on suds in 2016.  Nevertheless, do we need to drink that much beer?  Do we think we’re Germans?

Legalizing marijuana is part of the skid.  What’s interesting in the job market, using Warren, Ohio, as an example, is that jobs are available but candidates can’t pass drug tests.  And many of the candidates are young people.  Such statistics warn us against legalizing the drug.  Which is too late since it has been in many states.  It won’t create a more reliable work force!  San Diego U-T, 7/31/17

Buckling to the militant homosexual lobby is a symbol of the skid.  No society can escape God’s penalty for supinely tolerating a behavior that his word repeatedly condemns.  It’s hard to live in a morally-deteriorating society, but it’s what Christians face.  Our challenge is to remain faithful to Jesus.  The time will come when a return to God may occur:  when we won’t be as sure of ourselves as we are now; so tolerant of evil as now; so willing to banish God-honoring standards for the brave new immorality championed by the humanist-secularist-liberal-environmentalist-evolutionist lobbies.  They will find their hole too deep to exit and what’s above too wicked even for them to tolerate.  THAT will be our opportunity.

Be faithful, Christians.  God still rules.  When humanity admits its inability to know what’s right, we can witness to Christ’s eternal truth.

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