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War – changes everything

A favorite maxim of liberal anti-war activists is the uselessness of war:  that “war changes nothing.”  Only mental blindness exceeds their refusal to face facts.  I have a good-sized file proving exactly the opposite.  When I find it again I’ll write a blog.

Consider for this blog the results of WWI and WWII achieving God’s predictive will.  In WWI nine million soldiers and thousands of civilians died.  Four empires fell during the war, and statesmen re-drew Europe’s geo-political map.  But God’s spiritual purpose was the destruction of the Ottoman Empire, which had ruled Palestine for 400 years.  That brought the British Mandate over Palestine, which led to the Balfour Doctrine in 1917 that pledged to support a Jewish homeland in Palestine.  Few gave it much thought.

Then WWII came, at the end of which at least 50 million people had died, among them 6 million Jews.  While every single person of those millions mattered to God, historic events mattered more.  For the promise of the Balfour Doctrine, made 31 years before, was fulfilled in the founding of the Jewish state in 1948—which wouldn’t have been accomplished without the Holocaust.

So…when skeptics ask, “Was it necessary for 30 million people to die for God to provide Israel a homeland?”, that isn’t the right question—and we’ll never get the right answer by asking the wrong question.  That question is wrong because it puts humanity, not God, first in life and history; and puts humanity, not God, at the center of life.  That’s the very temptation that led Adam and Eve to sin; the very perspective that has afflicted humanity since; the very selfishness Jesus overthrew when teaching self-denial as the basis of discipleship.

Therefore, the right question is, “Is the implementation of God’s sovereignty over history worth the price humanity has to pay?”  The answer is YES, because:  if God isn’t in charge of life, and his will isn’t done in history, Satan is in charge and his will is done—and NO GOOD will come to anyone from that.  Therefore, it doesn’t matter what price humanity has to pay for God’s will to be done, since we cannot afford to pay for God’s will NOT TO BE DONE!—and that’s a subject in itself.

Now…we intellectually like the idea that we’re not drifting aimlessly through history, but we’re uneasy with the implication that while God exercises his sovereign will innocent people suffer and righteous people die.  We want God’s will to be done painlessly—though that’s impossible in a fallen world wholeheartedly deceived by Satan.  You see, he also understands what’s at stake, isn’t going to easily surrender territories and humans he’s misled and corrupted.  He will have to be forcefully evicted from every stronghold he’s built in humanity.

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War – often has its basis years before

A Dutch slave ship delivered Africans to Virginia in 1619.  Though sold, they were considered more as indentured servants.  After their contract had been fulfilled, they were free, in common with indentured servants, and could purchase land and choose a career.

By the 1640’s perceptions in Virginia had changed.  Previous practices were forgotten and rejected.  Without legal warrant the “coastal plantations” installed the  duranta vita system of slaveryslaves for life, to serve the tobacco trade.  A Prisoner’s Duty, 60

That dreadful decisions took 220 years to produce war.  The guns at Sumter didn’t fire in Charleston, South Carolina till April 12, 1861.  But war began in Virginia in the 1640’s.

The shooting began in WWII September 1, 1939 when German troops dismantled border gates at the Polish frontier.  But the war began in the Rhineland, March, 1936, when Hitler ordered troops in and began its militarization, in defiance of the Versailles Treaty.  Of course the League of Nations denounced the move, but did NOTHING.  Britain and France denounced it but, not wanting to start a war, did NOTHING.  (Though Hitler, fearing a hostile reaction, warned his commanders to withdraw before any Allied response.)  Refusing to chance a small military engagement in September, 1938, the Allies guaranteed a colossal conflict 1939-1945.

Families and churches sometimes fight bitter verbal wars.  Before the conflicts break into the open, seething discontent has been simmering for months and years.

All of this explains why the Master’s counsel is so wise and useful.  “Settle matters quickly with your adversary….” Matthew 5:15.  Differences unrecognized or unresolved hardly ever “poof” away like fog before sunshine.  Without effort to diminish and eliminate them, they almost always linger until an opportune time to explode.

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