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Witness – we must respond to forgiveness with a

A man visited a ramshackle building that served as a mission school.  When he entered he saw a young man standing and holding a child in his arms while he read him the story of the Prodigal Son.  The reader couldn’t pronounce some of the words, so he skipped them.  The visitor was astonished that such an inferior messenger would try to teach about Jesus.

When the meeting was over, the man told his visitor that he had only one talent.  He had no education and no money, but he did have love—for the Lord Jesus, for the people he came to save, for ministry.  He simply wanted to do something for Jesus.  That man was Dwight Moody.  Life of Moody, p. 93

Isaiah experienced the same response after his forgiveness, Isaiah 6:5-7.  Having seen Almighty God in Jesus Christ, John 12:41, having been humiliated by his own sins; having been cleansed of his sin, the prophet instantly volunteered when God called for a messenger to preach his word.

The initial, natural response to forgiveness should be a desire to share it with others.  That instant willingness to serve should characterize every Christian.  No question should arise as to the cost involved or the difficulty of the task.  Experiencing in ourselves the Presence of God, we feel compelled to bear a witness to others.  If we don’t feel that compulsion, how thorough has our conversion been?