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Wonder, I. WHY?

When Adam could have been God’s perfect man, but wasn’t; could have been, but never could become, why do we continue to embrace the bad enchantment that human actions in politics, social work, economic parity and diversity—that all-consuming cancer of national identity—can lift us.  At best they improve conditions for humanity, and never without creating other problems.  We add years to people in countries with a short lifespan, but tax their air, water and agricultural resources in the effort.  The liberals are sure that poverty among the poor can be eliminated by taking from the rich.

Fools we are in Adam by making our will equal to God’s.  And greater fools in our intellectual hubris by making ourselves independent of God.  We pay no mind to God’s warning when he speaks:  “…look carefully, listen closely and give attention to everything I tell you….” Ezekiel 44:5.  Especially when God tells us that in Jesus he perfected all Adam could have been.

Why?…do we pay attention to nothing God says.  We criticize him when he seems far away, but seldom recognize when he’s near.  We blame him for quakes, tornadoes and floods, but seldom thank him for sunsets and harvests.  We don’t need him to carry our light burdens, but demand he remove the heavy.  We blaspheme him when crises upset daily life, yet hardly praise him for a universe of continuity without which we would be in constant turmoil.  We claim self-sufficiency in life but despise God’s refusal to let us live victoriously in our own way, with our own methods, however flawed, mistaken, useless and counter-productive they are.

I wonder if:

Psalm 35 is David’s response to doing good while seeing bad results for himself?  He’s a man who helps others, only to see them take advantage.  He’s a friend to those in need, only to see them turn against him.  He prays diligently for any problem they face only to find their response is glee at any misfortune he suffers.  With only their best interests in mind, he sees them victimize him.  He mourns their losses only to see them covet his gains.

His response varies.  He never fails to trust God.  Yet, in weaker moments of faith he asks God’s vengeance on them.  In stronger moments he simply takes refuge in the care of God who SEES, LISTENS, WATCHES and CARES for his own.  In that confidence the King wants to keep doing the good God demands and not be overcome by his own humanity or the ingratitude of others.


Wonder…I.  if


Revelation 6 offers a summary of what humanity has done with its rule of earth:  kings (anyone heading a government) through greed, ambition or hated making war, bringing destruction, multiplying deaths, creating deprivation—all of which we blame on God, not ourselves.

How perverse we are. Why? does the Kind Father in Heaven tolerate us so long?

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