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I see that Rick Warren is 62 years old today 1/28/16.  Congratulations!  As a 30 year old he likely thought that 60 year old preachers had nothing relevant to say.  I wonder if, as a 62 year old preacher, he still considers himself relevant?  Or should he retire and let more of those 30 year olds succeed him?  And…by the way…how many more of those former wonder boys, now in their late 50’s and early 60’s, still preach and dare to be insulted when told they have nothing relevant to say?

 I also read in today’s San Diego U-T Night & Day section that actor William Shatner has a one-man show called “Shatner’s World.”  He says it’s about life’s meaning, joy and existentialism. I wonder:  since he knows we’re here for but a short time—not the newest discovery ever made—should he so casually conclude that since he doesn’t know what happened to us before we came, and what happens to us after we die, we must live “in this moment.”  That’s nothing new either, but it’s as stupid as it is old.

Bill…you better discover where you originated—not in a sexual-passion sense, but in the origin of human life sense.  That determines where you’re going to go after death and what you’re going to be after death.  A caveat:  what you will be either way is NOT DEAD!  Once you were begotten you live forever, and you’re conscious of ecstasy or misery.

Given your view, you probably think humanity somehow developed out of a mindless ooze into lower forms of life that somehow developed through long processes into what humans are today.  If I believed that, I’d be as uninformed and hopeless as you.

But to know that our common parents both came from Jesus Christ’s direct creation.  To know that he visited them in Paradise day after day as the Pre-Incarnate Christ.  To know they lost that position by defiance of his  command.  To know that he regained their position and ours by his sacrifice at Calvary.  And to know that he Arose from the dead on the third day…well, that changes everything!

I wonder…will you accept as Christ’s purpose the eternal life he promises all who obey him?  Then you can experience the joy, delight and satisfaction that’s SO worthwhile now and guarantees SO MUCH MORE in the world to come.

Choose Bill… and all like-minded Bills…will your life beyond the grave be one continuous, unexcelled and eternal Joy?  OR…will it be one continuous disappointment, grief, conflict, despair and everything else even you now despise and want to avoid?

Choose:  will you be happy forever after you die or never happy again?

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