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World – it is a small

We moved to Inglewood, California May, 1965.  We encountered a realtor while house-hunting one Sunday afternoon.  She and my mother-in-law began a conversation.  As they talked they discovered they were not only from the same state:  Indiana; and not only from the same town:  Frankfort; and not only were they the same age, but had gone to the same high school.

A Reminisce Magazine article, Oct/Nov, 2015, told the story of an Army medic in Japan soon after WWII.  He wanted to buy souvenir,s and a buddy told him to take the train to a certain stop and walk into town.  He walked into a curio shop and heard a friendly Japanese voice speaking excellent English.  They began a conversation.  He asked where she came from:  California.  He was too. Where in California:  Oakland.  So was he.  What high school in Oakland:  University High.  For heaven’s sake, his own school.  When did she graduate:  1938.  He also!

She gave her name, whipped out her yearbook, showed her picture—and nearly next to it was his!

I’d like to gather stories about it being a small world after all.  If any readers have stories, please send them to me.  Thanks.

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