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Worry – when do we get old enough to

Laura Ingalls Wilder’s book Little Town on the Prairie noted the family crisis when blackbirds invaded their oats and corn crop.  The mother could make blackbird pie from the birds her father shot.  But what would happen to the family now that the grain crops had vanished?

The even-more crucial problem was blind-sister Mary’s chance at college.  They had planned on money from the crops to send her.  When her dad, after dinner was over, said he would go to town and buy a trunk for Mary, Laura couldn’t silence her delighted shock.  She blurted the question, was Mary still going to college?  They had no money from the crops.  Her dad quietly replied that he didn’t know Laura was old enough “to be worrying.”  Little Town on the Prairie, 106-107.

Christians, think of the whopping spiritual lesson in that statement.  When we’re vexed by circumstances, beset by challenges, depressed by failures and sins—and find ourselves tormented, wondering HOW—that’s the time to remind ourselves “God didn’t know we were old enough to worry.”  As his children, whatever our biological age, when does he shift responsibility of caring for us from him to us?  When did God let great historical events get beyond his control, let alone our small personal crises?  When does Matthew 6:32-33 become our problem, not God’s opportunity?

Yours for a faith that grows beyond the problems of life to guarantee personal peace from God in Christ by living in God through Christ.  Whatever happens in life.

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