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Youth – the elusive fountain of

The Bahamians had been the first to see and welcome Columbus.  It would seem that Spain would have followed up discovery with colonization.  Nevertheless, the island chain fell into anonymity.  By 1640, they remained unoccupied and, it seemed, unwanted.  It was really a matter of being known where so many more unknown places beckoned explorers.

Then Spain again paid attention.  Small Bimini, named after the mythical island, suddenly developed the reputation of being the source of a fountain of curative waters.  Indeed, the miraculous liquid could restore human bodies worn by toil and time:  the Fabled Fountain of Youth.  The Story of the Bahamas, 38

That brought Ponce de Leon to seek it; which brought an endless search for it since.  He later sought it in Florida, without success.  Magellan sought it in the Philippines.  His men went ashore to ask the natives if they had such a fountain.  They said they didn’t but would be ever so grateful if the Spaniards did.

An entirely busy industry today still seeks it in exercise machines, diets and medical advances.  They even promise human advancement towards it.  Cryonics beheads the dead and stores it in the deep freeze on the chance that science will one day find the way to reunite body and brains.

We all want to live a LONG time.  Yet, none of us is crazy about getting older.  And even the best of health promises only getting older slower.  What isn’t to be found in this life won’t be discovered, no matter the advances any of the sciences we feel have potential solutions.

If we want the REALITY of eternal life, see I Corinthians 15 where it begins in Jesus Christ.  Declared in scripture 1-4.  Verified by apostolic testimony 5-11.  Demanded as the basis of every believer’s hope 12-34.  Explained in 35-55.  And SHOUTED as our sure and certain Inspiration and HOPE 56-58.

In Jesus Christ exists eternal life in perfect, never-changing bodies.  Promising what we’ve always wanted:  that when we’ve been with Jesus Christ in the New Heaven and Earth for 10,000 years, we’ve just begun to live forever.  And we won’t have aged even a day in those millennia.  Nor will we ever, millennia after countless millennia.  You can’t beat that for living eternally without growing old!

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Youth – God’s promise of eternal, but not Now

It happens…an inevitability common to all creation…animal, vegetable, inorganic, and human.  John Quincy Adams wrote about it in his Diary, March 5, 1844.  After a lifetime of faithful Diary entries, he mournfully decided he couldn’t continue.  The increasing degeneration of physical and mental capacity left him no choice.  Great Diaries, 208.


King David came to it, after some 70 years.  I Kings 1:1-4 tells the story.  His circulation had failed, his limbs shivered from a chill he couldn’t still and blankets couldn’t banish.  A bright idea secured the services of a ravishing virgin, who spent her time coddling, cuddling and covering the ailing king in her hot embraces.

To no avail.  She may have smothered his shaking, but she couldn’t summon passion from the formerly potent, lusty sovereign.  What spelled the difference between a 50 something king and Bathsheba and a 70 something invalid and Abishag?  YEARS that had as surely silenced his sexual drive as it hardened his arteries.

A preacher had a church member obsessed with politics, politicians and elections.  He could remember political conventions, the result of elections, margin of victory in each national contest, where and when the political parties held their conventions, etc.  The minister visited the man when he became ill in his later life.  He began to ask questions about the present political situation.  To his amazement and shock the man replied that he no longer had any interest in “those things.”  A lifetime obsession suddenly gone!

How can we outlast our mortality?  To regain what time diminishes?  To restore lost vitality, diminished or disappeared intellect, the snap in our step, and a quickening interest in sights and sounds around us?


It can be done.  It shall be done.  God commands it to be done.  The ravages of age will be reversed,  the loss of intellect restored, the appreciation of life quickened.  However, it won’t be done until God renews creation in Christ’s Return.

That’s the unhappy truth people don’t want to hear.  They want it all and they want it now!  Therefore, those with products and procedures promising instant results thrive.  The cosmetic industry sold $55 BILLION in 2014; in 2013 plastic surgeons performed 15.1 million procedures, 1.6 million of them invasive, because Americans needed sagging skin tightened, and age spots covered—restoring what could be, masking what could not.

We won’t stop trying to find eternal youth now, but we’ll never succeed.  God has consigned our present bodies to deterioration and decay, even as he provides inward renewal that guarantees eventual bodily renewal II Corinthians 4:16-18.

Be realistic, America; give up your pursuit of delusional eternal youth.  Be smart, America; live as healthily as you can, but accept the fact of aging that God will one day reverse—but only in his time and only in Christ’s Return in Glory.