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Dead – finding more than remains

A U.S. bomber soared into the air over Kunming, China, January 25, 1944 headed to India.  It never arrived, for whatever reason; it crashed on a mountain in the dreaded Hump—the Himalayas.  No one searched for it since no idea existed where it crashed.

In 2006 a hiker in northeast India spotted the plane’s ruins.  In 2007 the family of one crew member learned that the wreckage had been found.  In 2008 the Defense Department confirmed the find.  In 2015—yes, all those years later—a team got to the site and found the remains of only that one crewman.  The other seven weren’t found.  His remains were returned in June, 2017 for burial.  San Diego U-T, 6/11/17

In that vast wilderness eight young men met a violent, fiery end.  Alone except for God.  No one knowing.  If caring, no one searched.  From small American towns or large cities.  Casualties of war.  And whose remains alone were found and returned.  Remains:  the leftover of life.

Thank God that, wherever the remains of the dead lie, in whatever condition, however deprived of identifying marks…THAT is NOT the END.  God won’t be transporting human remains into his Presence at the Shout of Christ and the Last Trumpet blast across the universe.

Out of graves everywhere the remains of believers will rise to be re-clothed in flesh-and-bone-bodies, every mark of personhood identified, every trait of personality refined and perfected.  And in once-mortal bodies turned immortal; in once perishable bodies turned imperishable by the eternal Christ, we shall live forever and ever, world without end.  Amen.  Amen!

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